The World Famous Stick-On Vent

 World Famous Stick-On Vent

For use on:






Palletized Cargo

Made of sturdy, light-weight plastic, our vent is designed to allow air to circulate within a shrink-wrapped product.

Helps in preventing moisture buildup and mildew. It can be used in any climate.

Standard Color: White

Distributors/Resellers welcome. Please call for pricing.

Stick-On Screen Vents
Quantity Price Per Case Price Each
Single Vent   $1.75
10 Pack $16.00 $1.60
50 Pack $75.00 $1.50
200 Pack $260.00 $1.30
400 Pack $480.00 $1.20
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Zipper Access Doors

36" x 30" U-Style Zipper Door

Part # 775U

36" x 30" C-Style Zipper Door

Part # 775C


48" x 30" U-Style Zipper Door

Part # 800U


48" x 30" C-Style Zipper Door

Part # 800C

Our Zipper Access Doors are made from a tough 12 mil polyethylene film with top-of-the-line YKK zippers that will allow repeated entry and exit without damaging your protective shrink wrap cover.

Each door features a tab of pink double sided tape on the back side of each corner so you can line it up where you want it and stick it in place while you tape it to your shrink wrap cover.

Designed for use on boats, motor vehicles, aircraft and any other application where access is required.

Specify Color ( Blue, White or Clear ) When Ordering
- Custom Sizes/Shapes Available by Special Order


Zipper Door Price List
Part # 775U and 775C Part # 800U and 800C
 Quantity  Price Per Case  Price Each  Quantity  Price Per Case  Price Each
1 - 5 DOORS $15.00 1 - 5 DOORS $17.00
6 PACK $84.00 $14.00 6 PACK $96.00 $16.00
12 PACK $156.00 $13.00 12 PACK $180.00 $15.00
24 PACK $288.00 $12.00 24 PACK $336.00 $14.00
48 PACK $528.00 $11.00 48 PACK $624.00 $13.00
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